Plastic Extrusion Machine Professional

is a highly professional extrusion machinery factory. Since establishment the company has continuously promoted the development of high-performance, high productivity, and high-quality extrusion machines, including C, ABS, PMMA, PET, PP, PS, PE, EVA sheets films and PC, PP hollow sheets. Our pruducts havebeen widely applied to eletronic, stationery and food acking, advertisting, Lighting sheets, Anti-static and conductive sheets", coated films and for agriculture and vaccum forming sheets (disposable tableware) etc...
We uphold the spirit of business services to operate our company. In order to ensure that our services to meet our customers demand. Customers is demand is always our top priority. Providing customers with satisfactory products and values is our strict self-requirements. creating a win-win situation between the customer, the company and our employees is also our business objective.  
Each engineer from our departments has more then adecade of professional experience. Each engineers is required to take part in regular or irregular training courses,to ensure that our engineers are innovative, maintain the innovative ideas, and make sure our extrusion lines meet the needs of the market.  
Chang Yi Extrusion Machinery offers more technical and professional after-salen services, for all of our customers to provide technical and professional guidance to related plastics machinery, we can also assist our customers in the whole plant production planning in order to provide our service with the best quality.